Our Team

Cv. Karya Bumi Kartini team artisans collaborate with Balinese artisans and Jakarta artisans for fashion supply chain products. We also present to our furniture legendary artisans team in Jepara. 

 “  The integrity people who always think about you, think about design that will work and be worthwhile for you. People who ceaselessly develop designs and carry out a lot of research to present the best designs and bring it up to your house, building architecture projects, fashion exhibition projects, wholesaler market and ecommerce market.”

Managing Director & Co-founder 

Mr. Aji Widarso

He is starting and establishing his own company. He is an energetic and passionate person. He was handling a talented advisors, direct to his customers in Mahé, Seychelles  LMS International Contracting Project for exterior and interior’s Concorde Hotel Group when he worked at the last company. He also influenced and expanded furniture markets in South American & Australian  markets. He was a perfectionist person when he was working in Shangri-La Surabaya Hotel. He graduated with an associate degree in specialist hotel, travel and leisure management industry in Surabaya. He is an entrepreneur minded person. He understands fashion trend styles and architecture designs. He is awarded for vision to concern climate change issues and peace worldwide.

We love sustainable items, we protect our world!.